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week 4 (23.3.23)

Phonics -

Try reading and spelling these longer words.  Can you add a photo of your work (spellings) onto tapestry?

Maths - Keep practising on the formation of your numbers.  Which ones do you need to practise?  Can you do them in different ways - e.g. felt tips, chalks on the ground, paints? 

Use the video below to help you:

Writing Numbers | Number Songs | PINKFONG Songs for Children

This week we have been learning: 


RE - Holy Week

KUW - old games - Marbles and snakes and ladders 

Literacy - Ruby's Worry (story) 

             - writing CVCC words and sentences

Maths - Patterns 

PE - rolling and tumbling 

PSHE - Milo's money (financial situations)

EAD - Kadinskys circles