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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Executive Headteacher Mrs B Corbett
Head of School Mrs M Hoyle
Key Stage 2 Lead Mrs F Gill
Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage Lead Mrs J Harratt



Teaching Staff  Learning Support Assistants
Nursery - Mrs S Slater-Jones  
Reception – Miss L Barber Miss L Greatholder / Mrs S Davies
Year 1 – Mrs C Bourne Mrs K Smith
Year 2 – Mrs J Cleary / Mrs C Owston (Monday's) Mrs S Sandy       
Year 3 – Miss P Vaz      Mrs S Lambe
Year 4 – Mrs L Jones  Mrs C Hogan
Year 5 – Mrs F Gill  Mrs D Charman
Year 6 – Mrs C Mawdsley  Miss C Molloy


School Office
Ms M Johnson - Clerical Assistant
Mrs V Bowden - Bursar



Midday Supervisory Assistants  Caretaker 
Mrs S Davies Mr R Munday
Mrs K Davis  
Miss L Greatholder  
Mrs H Jones  
Mrs S Shiels  
Mrs P Syed  
Mrs S Tonks