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Modern Foreign Languages at St Austin's

MFL at St Austin's...

What do our pupils say about their MFL learning?

Year 3-

"I enjoy learning different languages. So far in Spanish I've learnt lots of greetings- Hola, Buenas Tardes, Buenas Noches and Buenas Dias."

Year 4-

"I like learning about the different meanings of words in Spanish, for example different body parts and numbers. I really enjoyed singing 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes' in Spanish for our vehicle showcase."

Year 5-

"I like doing Spanish because it's fun and when I went on holiday I was able to use what I had learnt. It was great because I could tell people my name and say please and thank you."

Year 6-

"I enjoy learning about different languages and seeing how people live in Spain. I've enjoyed learning about numbers because I know that if I ever visit Spain then I will be able to use my knowledge in the shops."

If you would like to play some games to improve your Spanish click the links below:




Spanish Vocabulary:

Do you know any of these words / phrases below?