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Autumn Curriculum

Our vehicle this half term is "Pottering Around!" We will be looking at our local area in both History and Geography, looking at how Stafford, School and Church have changed over the years. In our Art lessons we are focusing on Henri Matisse to begin with and then looking into the pottery made by Emma Bridgewater. By the end of the term we hope to decorate our own pottery in the style of Emma Bridgewater! 

Chiara, Alice and Ashton with their completed mugs

Baarmy Bethlehem

Christmas jumper day and Santa Dash

Mug painting with Potsy Pamsy

On Thursday afternoon we were Archaeologists! We dug up artefacts, identified them and then decided whether they were old or new items. 10.11.22

Geography Fieldwork - Types of houses near to our school. 8.11.22

Our virtues tree for our new virtues - Faith-filled and Hopeful.

We have been making moving pictures with sliding mechanisms in DT this week.

Rosary beads made at home during the holidays.

Balances and ball passes in PE

We have been playing along to a song on the glockenspiels today! 18.10.22

We have been out on the school grounds for our Geography lesson conducting fieldwork.

11.10.22. Discussing the qualities of a good friend in PSHE.

Smoothie making! Today we made our own smoothies based on the fruits and vegetables we have taste tested over the last few weeks. We made: Apple, Banana and Grape smoothies, Carrot, Pineapple and Mango smoothies, and Banana, Strawberry and Cucumber smoothies. The children loved chopping up their fruit and having a go at blending it all together.

Maths mastery - we have been looking at the different ways we can make the numbers 4, 5 and 6 today. 5.10.22

We have been experimenting with mixing paint colours in Art! 5.10.22

We have been discussing 'Cultural capital' in PSHE this week. We talked about different experts and what we can learn from them. We chose someone who would be a 'star' and wrote about what they would teach us. The children came up with ideas such as Father Michael being able to teach us about God and Scientists being able to teach us about the world and Science.

Choosing our ingredients ready for smoothie making. Monday 3rd October

Painting with scissors like Matisse. Friday 30th September

Computer safety

We have been sequencing the creation story for the start of our 'Creation' unit in RE this week. 14.9.22

We have been using the Rekenreks in our Maths Mastery session this week to have a go at subitising numbers.

On Monday 12th September, during our DT lesson, we tasted different fruits! We learned how to identify a fruit and then shared what we thought about the taste of them. All children had a go at different fruits, even if they didn't think they would like them!

Using resources to explore numbers in maths!

This term's learning:



Maths -

Unit 1 – Numbers to 10

Unit 2 – Part-Whole within 10

Unit 3 – Addition and subtraction within 10 (1)

Unit 4 – Addition and subtraction within 10 (2)

Unit 5 – 2D and 3D shapes

Unit 6 – Numbers to 20

English -

Transition unit


Narrative setting description

Non-Chronological report

Recount visit or experience letter

RE - 

1A: Creation

1B: Families & Celebrations

1C: Prayer      

1D: Advent

Computing - 

Online Safety and Exploring Purple Mash - 1.1

Lego Builders - 1.4

Coding – 1.7

Grouping and sorting – 1.2

Art - 

Picasso (self-portraits)

Henri Matisse

Emma Bridgewater (ceramic)

DT - 

Food (Fruit and vegetables) 

Mechanisms – levers and linkages

Science - 

Seasonal changes


Geography - 

Local area - Mapping/Physical features/Human features

History - 

Local History - The Church, The School, The High street

Music - Charanga - 

How can we make friends when we sing together?

How does music tell stories from the past?

PE - 

Fundamental movement skills