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Being exposed to books and early reading in children can ignite creativity, imagination and sparks curiosity.  It can also help the children to understand words, develop speech and concentration.

Therefore, we encourage children to read and enjoy books with the family regularly.

The children will bring home a ‘share with me’ book each week (This is like a Library Book).  Please sit together as a family and enjoy story time.  Discuss the book and characters together, what will happen next?  Why did that happen?  How do you know?


Please write in the Reading Diary each time you share the book together. Books will be changed weekly. All reading folders to be sent to school each day. 


Alongside the book, the children will be learning the letter sounds through a programme called Read, Write Inc (RWI)

You will also receive a booklet, 'My Set 1 Speed Sounds Book'.  This will help support the children to say and write these letter sounds. These are called Set 1.


Please focus on 5 sounds a week.

Week 1 – m ,a, s, d, t

Week 2 – i, n, p, g, o,

Week 3 – c, k, u, b, f

Week 4 – e, l, h, r, j

Week 5 – v, y, w, z, x


Please follow the link to phonics for further guidance on teaching phonics at home including Fred Talk guidance. 


Virtual classroom video links will be sent to you so that you can reinforce the sounds and blending. 



Throughout the year we will be focusing on numbers to 10.  Understanding each number individually and then using them to add and subtract, as well as quick recall of number bonds.

To support your child’s understanding we would like for you to practise counting to 10 aloud, forwards and backwards. Can they start from a different number?  Can they do alternate numbers if you say the next one?

Alongside it is important for the children to be able to write their numbers.

For this half term please focus on writing number 1 – 5.  Take your time to ensure each number is formed correctly.


Below are some videos we use at school to help:

Writing Numbers | Number Songs | PINKFONG Songs for Children

Funky Counting Song | Numbers 1-10 | The Singing Walrus