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Year 5 Homework

Weekly Arithmetic

Spring Term Homework


Homework will be set on a Thursday and should be completed by the following Thursday.




One of the most important parts of homework is regular reading practice.  If children develop a love of reading and books it will help them in every aspect of their learning in school.  Children are expected to read every day for ten minutes, this can also include their own personal reading books and we ask that this is recorded in their reading diairies.


Century Tech

Century Tech is where online homework tasks will be set each week. English and Maths 'Nuggets' will be set every week for your child to complete.  If you want your child to do more homework then the Century Tech Individual Pathway allows for this.


My Mini Maths

To develop children's fluency in Maths we have introduced a new daily task to answer a set of Maths questions, like reading by completing tasks each day they will develop not only their confidence but also their individual speed to answer maths questions. This will enable them to continue to make excellent progress in class and prepare them for the challenges of year 6 and beyond.


The first three weeks have been set below and answers will be shared on Friday. Please record their daily scores and share any issues or concerns you have with any of the work that they complete. 


Individual tasks

In some weeks children will also be set specific tasks to support the learning in class. They will be included here where additional tasks are set.