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Autumn Term Homework




One of the most important parts of homework is regular reading practice.  If children develop a love of reading and books it will help them in every aspect of their learning in school.  Please try to listen to your child read every day or at least three times a week.


Century Tech

Century Tech is where online homework tasks will be set each week. English and Maths 'Nuggets' will be set every week for your child to complete.  If you want your child to do more homework then the Century Tech Individual Pathway allows for this.


Individual tasks

In some weeks children will also be set specific tasks to support the learning in class. They will be included here where additional tasks are set. 

Week 1


Task 1: To research a leader of your choice, please print or email and image of your leader and we can begin to share these on our display in class, we will discuss your chosen leaders. Please also include 5 facts about who they are and their achievements and then list the qualities that make them a good leader.


Task 2:

I would also like you to research and find out what is a Growth Mindset and create or find a famous quote to encourage us to use a growth mindset. We will share these in class and the we will present some of the best in class.


This can include

A hand made poster

A printed poster of a quote that inspires you to learn.


Challenge - Can you find any quotes from famous people who use a growth mindset?

Week 2 - 


Please access Century Tech and complete the allocated Maths and English nuggets. We also encourage children to independently access nuggets and they can search for specific nuggets on their pathway. Children can then prepare for or go over any areas that they are about to or have studied previously.


All homework in Year 5 should be handed in on Wednesday.


Please also read a book of your choice at home and be prepared to share what you are  reading in class next week.