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Learning to be Leaders



This term we have been learning about famous leaders and the skills of leadership.


We started the term by researching famous leaders and learning how and why they were succesfull leaders.


We used this wider research to help create explanations texts about Leadership and Teamwork using our examples as a guide for others.


We also took part in a range of team challenges including The Green Spaghetti challenge, where we had to put together an advertising campaign and create a product design and Unique selling point. We finally completed a presentation for our products. This was completed to set deadline, we used this learning to reflect upon the skills needed to work effectively as a team.


We also took part in a  design challenge where we had to design our perfect classroom and to ensure that it was future proof.  We had to work together take turns and agree upon how to complete the challenge.


In guided reading we learnt about many famous leaders who lead at very difficult points in History. We explored Nelson Mandela, famous scientists who helped shape NASA and their challenge to reach the moon. We also looked at leaders how fight for change and who support climate change.


Our final team challenge, involved using a range of recycling materials to protect an egg. Where we all were successful. 


We are looking forward to transferring our skills into our next project in the Spring term.