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Spring Curriculum

Our Vehicle is Hot and Cold



Subitising 3

Number 3

Number 4


Expressive arts and design

* Observation paintings of fruit and animals

* Creating a Winter picture.

* Making a House for Handa or Akeyo out of our story Handa's surprise. 


Understanding the world

* Understanding that Winter is a season. The changes that begin to happen.

* Looking at the differences in other countries. Languages, weather, materials, textures, clothes, fruits and animals.


Personal, Social and Emotional development

* Building new friendships.

* Understanding the importance of following rules.

* Becoming more independent with putting their coats on and trying to do their zip, buttons or poppers. 


Please see below the stories we will be reading in Nursery.

HANDA'S SURPRISE Picture Book Animation

"We All Went On Safari" read by Holly Deuel Gilster