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Spring Vehicle - Up, up and away!

Discovering that all families are different in PSHE with Miss Martinez! 14.2.22

We have been looking at historical sources about the Wright brothers. A historical source gives us information about things that have happened in the past.

Dress to express day 11.2.22

Investigating transparent, translucent and opaque in Science!

We have been looking at making the number 9 in our maths mastery this week! 14.2.22

Using the Rekenreks to make 9 in maths mastery 16.2.22

Maths 28.2.22

Maths 1.3.22

Music 2.3.22

World Book Day 3.3.22

4.3.22 Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Brady. He came in to show us just two of the model planes he has. He showed us one of his gliders, how it works and how it is put together, along with one of his jet engine planes. We were able to see how the wings were put onto the jet and then saw it driven around the playground. The children asked some fantastic questions and had a brilliant afternoon.


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14.3.22 - We have been reading 'Milo's Money' and thinking about the importance of money. We discussed the difference between our wants and our needs and organised items accordingly.

PSHE 16.3.22

Playing along to "My Name" in music. 16.3.22

RE: Christmas, Jesus: Teacher and healer, Forgiveness, Lent

English: RWI (phonics), 

Maths: Addition within 20, Subtraction within 20, Numbers to 50, Introducing length and height, Introducing weight and volume

Science: Materials

Geography: Our local area

History: The first flight - The Wright Brothers

PE: Gymnastics and Yoga

Computing: Lego builders, Maze explorers, Animated story books

ART: Barbara Hepworth

D&T: Making fruit salad

Music: Introducing tempo and dynamics