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week 8 (4.11.22)

This weeks formation letters: u, b, f ,e



Remember to keep practising to 'Fred Talk', this will help your child to blend the sounds together to read the word. Here is a video to support this: 

This week we have been learning about: 


- KUW, Diwali we have made diva lamps using beads and old CD's

- Literacy - What is Diwali? 

- Maths - shapes 2d and 3 shapes.  what are the properties?  What can we do with them?

- Phonics, learning more initial sounds and Fred talking to help us learn to blend 

- formation of letters and how to sit correctly at the table

- RE - People who help us, what is the role of a Priest? How does he help us? 

- PE - dancing like a firework 

- PSHE - Firework safety