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Maths at St Austins...

At St Austin’s School we want our children to be enthusiastic learners of mathematics, and to be eager to achieve their very best in order to fulfil their God-given talents. We aim to create an environment where every child becomes a confident, curious and creative mathematician- combining deep conceptual understanding with fun and enjoyment each lesson.

At St Austin's we use the Power Maths scheme throughout the school from Reception to Year 6. Power Maths uses a Maths Mastery approach and creates consistency, ensuring each child builds secure foundations, allowing them to progressively discover, construct and extend their mathematical understanding as they move through the school.

What our children say about Maths:

Year 2- "I enjoy Maths, because I like subtracting and adding numbers. I like making big numbers and know that pictures can help us out!"

Year 1- "I use my counters and cubes in Maths to help me if I find something tricky."

Year 3- "Maths is important because you need it it to help you in life- for example when you are counting money."

Year 6- "I like using journals in Maths, especially when learning new things. I can look back at my methods to help myself if I forget."

Year 4- "In Maths I always try my hardest and I enjoy using the different equipment in lessons."

Year 5- "Scientists will need Maths when they are measuring out things for investigations, so it is very important."


Be inspired, be the best!

Here at St Austin's we believe that learning about the best can help us become the best. As Galileo himself stated ‘If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics.’

Did you know...

  • Isaac Newton  is credited as the man who actually invented calculus.
  • Our number systems is based on Hindu- Arabic number system that was spread to the western world through trade links in the 5th century.
  • 'Mathematics is the cradle of all creations, without which the world cannot move an inch. Be it a cook or a farmer, a carpenter or a mechanic, a shopkeeper or a doctor, an engineer or a scientist, a musician or a magician, everyone needs mathematics in their day-to-day life. Even insects use mathematics in their everyday life for existence.' Mathematics teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya, CRPF Amerigog, Guwahati.