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Children's comments

What I enjoyed the most about going for goal was that it was really interesting to know lots of new things about football. -Charlie D


What I enjoyed the most about going for goal was when we went to the Stoke City football staduim because it was fun looking where they get changed. -Gabby



I liked when we were looking at other people's football on scratch and to show them our own and tell them about it. Charlie W



What I enjoyed about going for goal was meeting the different people. - Mia-grace


What I enjoyed most about going for goal was that John Brooks came in and showed us his referee gear. - Sam


What I have really enjoyed about this vehicle was when we went to Stoke City football ground. I liked looking around the stadium and going into the changing rooms. - Year 4 child



This term during our vehicle I have really enjoyed learning about the history of football and what life was like in the 60s. - Rose


During our going for Goal vehicle I have really enjoyed designing our character on scratch and making our football game. - Roisin


During our vehicle I have enjoyed making the football ground on scratch, making the healthy yoghurt pot in DT and meeting Tash because we got our own signed programme. - Lucas


I have enjoyed having visitors and going on trips. - Hasenat


I enjoyed when I got to wear one of the referee's tops - Olivia