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Going For Goal (Y4 Vehicle 2019)

Welcome to our page!

We have worked together as a class, to create these pages for you. We have all worked on different pages, creating pieces of information for you, to show you what we have been doing for our vehicle. We have used our teamwork skills to create these exciting pages. We have added the information, changed the colour and font, as well as adding in links and pictures.

This term our vehicle has been "Going for goal". We have used football as our focus and have looked at things in all subjects that link to football. Here are some examples:


History -

  • Leisure and how it has changed
  • How the area around our local teams Stafford Rangers and Stafford town has changed
  • Christmas day truce in WW1
  • England winning the 1966 world cup and why this was a big event
  • The 60s and how it was different


Geography -

  • Countries and Continents
  • Sketch maps to Stafford Town Football Club
  • Towns around the UK and the football teams in them
  • Locating towns on a map
  • Comparing Stafford to Manchester, why are their football teams so different?


Art -

  • Pop art printing of football logos


Computing -

  • Designing a football game on Scratch
  • Word processing our written work
  • Designing pages for our website
  • Adding images to work for our website



  • Designing and making a healthy snack for a footballer


Science -

  • Teeth and eating
  • The digestive system and how we process food
  • Food chains of our favourite footballers
  • How sounds travel
  • The difference between high and low pitch, like a whistle and a drum at a football game
  • Inventors of speakers and hearing aids
  • Designing protective head wear for children at loud football matches


Music -

  • We learned football related songs like Football Crazy



  • Spanish football teams
  • Places in Spain
  • Sporting activities in Spanish


We hope you enjoy our work, from Year 4!

Some exciting things we have done...


We visited Stoke City on day 2 of Year 4! We got to do activities, learn about a footballer's diet and have a private stadium tour!


Visits from Tash Tezgel (Stoke City ladies) and John Brooks (former Premier League Assistant Referee and current Championship Referee)

Creating a healthy snack for footballers

Looking at what makes a good website, then making our own!

Creating Scratch games

Making pan pipes to investigate pitch of sounds

Testing the effects of drinks on our teeth