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Scratch games

Our computing work in Autumn 1


In the first half term, we programmed games on the Scratch website and gave them a football theme. We had to create our own sprites, edit them and the background of the game, then programme the sprites to make them move. We then got our friends to play our games and give us feedback.




Dylan and Reuben’s Scratch game

Our scratch game is all about our class vehicle, which is going for goal. In the game, there is two people that you can control and you have to try and get the ball in the goal. In addition, it was fun making the game and when we were all done, we shown are games to our friends. If you want to make your own, game go to  If you want to play mine and Dylan’s game go to


We made our scratch by choosing our background and some characters we liked. Then, we changed the colour of our characters. Some were bright and some were dark, we also changed the position they were in. Next, we started to make our character move on scratch. It was difficult to code it, but we got it in the end. We started coding the characters by using different coloured blocks with different words on it. We also made them turn left and right.

By Celine and Frank



We made a football game on scratch in ICT. We

used a football background and made

footballers to go on it. We got the

 footballers by pressing choose a sprite.

We programmed them to move by using

the coding tools. Then, we used forever and we used key letter pressed. Letter means you pick a letter like b, so when you press that key the coding works.  

By Bea and Suhana


Scratch by Lucas and Charlie H

When we played scratch, it was cool because we got to make matches and make them move sideways, upside down and spin it. We also made them kick the football. We made the background change. We also made their outfit change colour. At the end, we got to play a match with our partner if we have finished, we also got to play other people’s games. We had the best experience using scratch.  

                Scratch by Aiden, Rose and Tima


When we did a football game on scratch, we made it by changing the background and characters. We made the sprites (characters) move by using code. We enjoyed it, because we did it as a group. Together we made an enjoyable, exciting game.  

Scratch by Sam and Lucy

My partner and I had hands for characters and we chose their colour. We were able to make our characters move up, down, right and left. We had to do some coding before they could move. We also put in the back ground for the game. We also put a ball in our coded game. They spun so you could pick which way they went. We added a goalie to protect our goal. It was easy to add the code to our characters. We could move body parts. We also picked our team names and picked the score. We were able to do the write the names and the score.

Scratch project

Poppy and leo


In my scratch project, we made a game you can move the players and you can move the ball into the goal. there were goalies that can move. We made a referee watching the game with a red card in his hand and we put buttons at the top to tell you the score.

We made a football game and we changed the back ground and we made the people move. We had great fun and we loved it, especially when we made ball move into the goal.

By Charlotte, partner and Nicole

Here are some pictures of us coding and editing our games!