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Computing at St Austin's

Computing at St Austin's...

At St Austin’s School we want every child to be happy and enthusiastic learners of Computing, and to be eager to achieve their very best in order to fulfil their God-given talents. We firmly believe that the recipe for success is high quality first-wave teaching in Computing, which is central to the life of our happy, caring school.

What does Computing 'look like' at St. Austin's?

Computing lessons are engaging and linked to our vehicles for learning in order to give the pupils the opportnutiy to both devleop their skills and understand how they are relevant to experiences in the world outside of school.

Please have a look at a snapshot of the learning and acitvites that the children have experienced so far this year:



Esafety underpins all computing learning at St Austin's each year we start with a learning unit related to this and revisit it throughout the year.  The classes have produce some very impressive and informative displays linked to their Autumn 1 2020 computing curriculum.


Year 4 have linked their Computing to their vehicle this half term and have created a sprite using Scratch which will feature on a football game on their class webpage! The children have developed their programming and coding knowledge by editing the background, costumes and the position of the sprite.

Year 5 have visited the LEGO STEM centre at NSCG Stafford to learn more about electrical sensors linked to the science and computing elements of their vehicle 'Home Sweet Home'. The children are now going to use what they have learnt to help them making some mini alarm systems for the homes they are designing.


Year 5 have been using on line CAD programs to create virtual designs of bathrooms and kitchens as part of their vehicle 'Home Sweet Home'. They learnt how to use 2d and 3d views to edit and improve their designs.