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Afternoon activities

History - Have a look through the power point below about the home front. Pay particular attention to the part about propaganda posters. When you have read about the home front, have a go at creating a propaganda poster of your own! The purpose of these posters was to try and get people to join in and do things to help their country, making them feel like it was their responsibility!

Geography - This week I would like you to find a map of Russia which has the cities on it! You could use google maps if you like. I would then like you to complete the worksheet uploaded below (the answers are on page 2 of the document). You need to locate the cities of Russia which are in the right hand box, write them on the lines and then draw a line to point to where they would be on the map!

DT - This week we are thinking about product logos. I would like you to use the power point below to look at some logos and think about which description matches the logos on the power point. Then, have a go at designing a logo of your own for your own cereal! Think about what you will need to consider when designing your logo, such as who is your audience, how will you catch their eye and stand out?

Science - This week, I would like you to think about evaporation. You may know a little bit about this from your work on the water cycle last week. Have a look at the youtube link to find out more. You can use the power point below too. Then, I would like you to use the sheet to plan an experiment that you could maybe have a go at while you are at home to test evaporation! Last year, we soaked cloths in water and then placed them in different places around the school to see which dried the quickest and thought about why that was!

RE - Last week, you looked at the story of Jesus ascending into Heaven. This week, I would like you to think about what symbols we have today, that Jesus is still with us. For example, in our classroom, the cross on the wall or prayer table is one symbol that he is still with us. In church, the tabernacle is a symbol he is with us. Think of as many symbols of Jesus as you can and draw and label them. Then, you could write your own prayer to him telling him how you recognise him in your life today. Some things you might say could be "When I look to the cross in class, I know you are there watching over me and keeping me safe."