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Thursday 07.05.20

Message from Mrs Cleary

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As tomorrow is VE Day, I have set a VE Day comprehension today.  The easiest sheet has one star at the bottom and the hardest one has three stars at the bottom.  Choose the one most suited to your child's reading ability. 

If you don't have a printer, please don't copy out all of the questions.  The answers will suffice.  On the two star answer sheet, there is a matching word/ definition question.  Just get your child to match them with their finger- no need to draw or write the whole thing out.

There is an extra task attached as a Word document for the children to do at their leisure.

When you've completed today's maths task, take a look at tomorrow's- it's instructions! smiley What a coincidence!


The optional Maths sheet has the answers at the end! Questions 1-3 are the easiest, 7-9 are more advanced.