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Week 6 (01.06.20)

Hi Year 1. As you know we have been busy preparing the classrooms for when you return to school in June. Things will be a little different when we go back to school so I thought I would put some pictures and notes together for you so that you know what to expect.

Firstly, some of you will be working in the Year 4 classroom with Mrs Cleary and Mrs Owston (remember the classroom where we found Barney Bear eating biscuits?), where others of you will be working in our usual Year 1 classroom with me.

In the classroom you will each have your own table and chair. We will tell you which one is yours and you will sit at this same table every day. You will be able to keep all of your things with you during the day. You will keep your coat on the back of your chair and your water bottle on your table. We are asking you to bring your own writing pencils, colouring pens and a glue stick into school to keep with you as well. These must stay in school and will be kept safe in your pen pot or in your tray. We will even be eating our lunch in the classroom at our own tables too!

You will come into school through the KS1 door as usual. You will not need to hang anything in the cloakroom so you can go straight into your classroom (don’t worry – we will be there to show you which room you need to go to!) and then we will show you your table. You may even be able to spot it yourself as your chairs all have name labels on and so do your pen pots! We will have plenty of time to settle ourselves, talk about the new school rules, get some work done and have some fun together!

At home time, parents will be picking you up as usual from the front of the school. We will dismiss you from the classroom when we know that your parent is there waiting for you.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all again. It is going to be a bit strange because it is different to what we are used to – but we can still have lots of fun and do lots of learning together!

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Mrs Bourne

Home learning activities

Please ensure that you continue with you Phonics learning and join in with the daily Phonics lessons  using the link below.


Our Literacy lessons this week are based around a story about Sidney the Spider. You will find the story and some suggested learning activities to be used throughout the week in the pack below. I hope you enjoy them!
In Maths this week we are learning about Capacity and Volume. Use the video links and the worksheet below for your learning throughout the week.

You may also like to try to complete some of the following activities or watch the following video clips linking to spiders.

In RE this week we are learning about Pentecost. Maybe you could find out about Pentecost and write a little bit about it and complete some of the colouring.