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Week 2 30.3.20

Week 2 - 30.3.20

So week 2! After listening to the feedback from you and your parents I am going to try doing things in a slightly different way this week. Although alot of the tasks set last week revisited learning we have already covered it is hard for you to remember all the tricks and tips you have previously used.  This week I am taking inspiration from Mrs Cleary in Year 2 and I am going to add some learning videos which will recap on expectations and help move your learning forward.


If you are ill or are unable to access the work on one day continue from where you last were, e.g if you do not complete Tuesday's work then start there when you return to learning. I will save work as PDF's and in a word format in case you are using a tablet or a phone to check out tasks.  I will also say how to return the task for feedback e.g. submitting it on Purple Mash, taking a photo, attaching a document or adding to an email.


The most important thing is that you stay safe and well! 

Challenge -

This week's challenge comes from Joe. He would like you to learn a new skill and try something new!

If you have an idea for our next challenge drop me an email and it might appear here next.


Completed a challenge? Send me a picture (via email) to post on the challenge gallery!