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Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a way of the children receiving reward for their efforts with their home learning. The children will have received login codes via text today (23.3.20) that should be valid for 24-36 hours. All the codes are letter based not number.  Once your child has logged in tell them not to log out. If your child has issues with their login please email their class teacher who can reset it.  We will be sending out parent logins over the next few days so please keep an eye out in your inbox, clutter and junk!


Current Class Codes - Updated Sunday 17th May 8pm (PV). These should work for the next 48 hours then we will refresh them again. If you do not log out of the page you should stay signed in. 

Reception HQW MCG

Year 1 HOV UHM

Year 2 WDI EBS

Year 3 EDX QFY

Year 4 KOV MRR

Year 5 EGU OXS

Year 6 ZEL FTU