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Thursday (14.5.20):                  LIVE LESSON: ENGLISH (10-11am)


9-9.30am: PE with Joe Wicks (YouTube- The Body Coach) OR you might fancy trying some Yoga (search- Cosmic Yoga on YouTube)


English- Beth on the Nile (book review)

Today we are going to write a book review for the story we have been reading since Easter!

We will discuss our likes / dislikes / favourite characters. Then we will have a go at writing our review, making sure we justify our opinions with evidence from the text!


1. Times Tables Rock Stars

I would like you to have a go at this at least 3 times a week!

The more you practice, the more coins you earn and the better you will get at your tables 


2. Lesson- Multiplication and Division problems

In today's lesson you will get the chance to problem solve using all of the methods we have discussed in Year 3.

Watch the video carefully and then have a go at the problems.

Don't give up if you find them a little bit tricky-

Think to yourself:

-What is the problem asking me to do? (underline the key words)

-Can I draw a picture to help me?

-What method could I use?

-Does my answer make sense?

Thursday Maths

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