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English - Live lesson 9:30


Today, we are going to write up our Octopus non-chronological report. We need to remember to include all of the features that we identified in our lesson on Wednesday. If you have forgotten, go back to Wednesday's page and remind yourself by using the power point.

We need to make sure today that we are writing our information in paragraphs and that we use subheadings. Remember, we are not going to start talking about where the octopus lives, in the a paragraph about his diet! So think carefully about where you are putting your information.


Don't forget to send/upload your finished work.

Maths - Live lesson at 11:00


Today, we are continuing with our division and problem solving. Remember that today, you may need to write sentences for your answer, explaining why someone is either right or wrong. Read the questions very carefully and make sure that you work them out before deciding on which statements might be true or false.


Worksheets are below. I will tell you in the lesson which worksheet I expect your group to complete.

Completed worksheets need to be sent to me to be marked.