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June 1st

Following Government advice we are taking measures to ensure that steps are followed to protect your child's safety on their return back into our nursery setting on June 1st.

The daily routine for your child will seem a little different. To keep to the social distancing as much as possible we are going to use coloured spots on the floor in the classroom next to an activity.

The children will access the available activity and then after they have played for a while, we will then ask the children to wash their hands so that they can then move to a different activity.

We will sing a song/play music to make it more fun for the children to wash their hands to and to help them remember.

The outdoor area will be used as much as possible, obviously dependent on the weather. We have been extremely lucky over the lock down period with the weather and we hope that it continues.

We will be using coloured hoops to mark the areas which the children can use outside.

Below you will find some photographs of how the nursery classroom and outdoor area will look on the children’s return. Please could you spend a little time showing your child the photographs and talking to them about the changes that they will expect to see on their return to nursery.


We look forward to seeing the children arrive with a big smile and we are planning lots of fun activities for their return.


Please be assured your child’s wellbeing and safety is our priority and please contact school if you have any further concerns.


Many thanks


See you all soon


Miss Davies and Miss Myatt

Here are some photos of the changes to the classroom. Please share them with your child. We look forward to seeing the children and their big smiles!

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