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Suggested afternoon activities

Suggested activities


  • PE - St Austin's virtual sports week! Uploaded below is a booklet of sporting activities to be done at home, with a scoring sheet, just like sports day!
  • Geography - You have now learned lots about Russia, could you create your own fact file or power point to share with the class?
  • History - Could you use something around the house to create your own gas mask box like an evacuee child would have? You could even make your own evacuee name tag!
  • Art - Could you make your own collage on the tea pot template uploaded below?
  • RE - Write a prayer to God, thanking him for the things you have enjoyed in year 4, or asking him for guidance for something in year 5 you might be nervous about.
  • Transition - Could you complete one of the end of year tasks below? It could be all about your for your next teacher, Mrs Mawdsley. You may decide to do a reflection on year 4 and what you have enjoyed!