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Today I am working in the Key Worker Hub taking care of those children whose parents are working in essential services such as the emergency services. For this reason today's tasks are outlined below. Mrs Charman can be contacted on if you have any issues.  I will however check the Class Dojo and email this evening.  I will be back with you tomorrow on the live lessons!

Today's tasks - You can do the tasks in any order!

TT Rockstars - 20 minute session

Reading Theory x2

Spellings - 15 mins use your favourite strategies to help you learn them

Parenthesis task 1 and 2 - You do not need to do all 6 sheets. Each task has 3 sheets that get harder as you move through them choose 1 page from each task to complete and then mark using the answer sheet on the last page. Spend no longer than 30 minutes in total over the two tasks e.g. 15 mins each. If you still haven't finished after this time - retreat with confidence!

Maths - Long Mutliplicatin practice - look back over last weeks powerpoints if you get stuck. Again spend no longer than 30 minutes on the task- if you haven't finished don't worry !The answers are on the second page for you to mark your work.