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Suggested Afternoon Activities

Suggested afternoon activities.

Please keep in mind that these are only suggested and link to what the children would be doing in afternoon sessions if we were in school.


  • History - Friday will be VE Day. This is the day where we celebrate the end of WW2. I have put a link to a youtube video about VE Day for you. Here you can hear the speech that Winston Churchill did to the country and watch some of the celebrations from that day. For the celebration, lots of people decorated their houses with bunting, maybe you could make some of your own? I have placed a template below that you can print and colour along with a flag. I have also added a VE Day discussion sheet for you to have a go at completing! In our village for VE Day, we are all having a social distancing picnic on our drives to celebrate, if you do something like this, take some photos and send them to me so we can share!
  • Geography - This week we will be think about rural Russia vs urban Russia. The power point attached below explains the difference between the two and shoes you a video clip of urban Russia - Moscow. Watch the video, go through the power point and follow the tasks. You can email me this or upload it to dojo. You can create it however you like! If you're struggling to use the link in the power point it is:
  • RE - Watch the youtube link showing the story of the Ascension of Jesus into heaven. Then, have a look at the RE document I have uploaded below. This will show you an image of a tryptich, this is a type of artwork. I would like you to have a go at creating your own tryptich picture, which shows the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. I can't wait to see your creations! You can email them or upload them onto Dojo.
  • Art - This week I would like you to have a go at mark making! You can do this however you choose, it can be colourful, you can use paint, pens, chalk, crayons, the choice is yours! Below, I have uploaded a mark making power point, this gives you an explanation of what mark making is, shows you some tools for mark making and has lots of examples of art work which has used this technique! I look forward to seeing what you create!
  • Science - This week we are looking at the water cycle. There is a power point below to take you through it. When you have read through all the stages, have a go at drawing your own water cycle diagram. Remember, when we draw in science, they are diagrams so need labeling! There is also an activity at the end where you can create your own water cycle wheel, this is optional! I have uploaded the template for it below too, there are different versions, you can pick which one you want to have a go at!

Thank you to Mrs Mackie for the below document. Take a look! lots of lovely ideas for VE Day this week, you can scan the code at the bottom and do different virtual activities from the 7th of May till the 9th!