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Suggested afternoon activities

Suggested afternoon activities.


Geography - This week, I would like you to use google maps / an atlas to fill in the sheet below. You will be looking for not only cities this time, but lakes, mountains and oceans too! Fill in the labels and send your work to me if you complete it.

History - This week, I would like you to look into the sections of the armed forces in WW2. When you have done this, draw a picture that represents each force and label it. Then, specifically focus on the army. What would a WW2 soldier need to have with them at all times? Maybe you could look into their equipment. You can draw the soldier and his equipment and then label it!

RE - Today, think about what Pentecost was. Write me a summary of what happened on Pentecost and a picture to go with it! Here is a video of the story

Science - This week, I would like you to try out an experiment! I would like you to have a go at changing the state of something. This could be water, chocolate, it is up to you! I would love to see pictures of your experiment to share with the class! Remember, changing the state of something means changing a solid, liquid or a gas, into a solid liquid or a gas! For example you could change a liquid into a solid through freezing, like water into ice cubes!

Art - Last time, I asked you to have a go at mark marking and some of you came up with some great designs. Today, I would like you to do something similar, however I would like you to have a go at some pattern repeating. When you look at people like Emma Bridgewater, lots of her items have one pattern which is then printed repeatedly on the object. I have popped a picture here to show you what I mean! If you have any paper plates, you could have a go at printing your pattern on there to make it like Emma Bridgewater's! Remember, the pattern should be identical, however you can change the colours.

Music - Something a little bit different I thought A LOT of you would find fun! Follow the link to the Oak Academy, start the lesson and enjoy a music lesson on beat boxing!