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Week 10 (29.06.20)

Welcome to Week 10 - time is really flying by! I hope that you are enjoying your home learning still and all keeping well. 

In school this week we are all going to be joining in with the Good Shepherd Mass. This is live on Monday at 10.00am. Hopefully you will be able to join us too. Please use the link below.

Please keep up with your daily phonics lessons this week using the link to the Letters and Sounds website below.

We will be using the story of Handa's Surprise as the basis for our Literacy work this week. If you don't have a copy of the story, you will find a link to the story below.

On Monday, I would like you to listen carefully to the story and look carefully at the pictures too. How do we know that this story is not set in England? Write some sentences explaining how you know this and make sure that you use the word because in one of your sentences. Don't forget capital letters, full stops and finger spaces too.

A good way to remember how to spell this tricky word is to remember the mnemonic : big elephants can add up sums easily. When you put the initial letters of all of these words together it spells 'because'.

On Tuesday, I would like you to complete the book review sheet attached below.

On Wednesday, I would like you to complete the matching and labelling sheet.

On Thursday, I would like you to write a fact file for either the giraffe, monkey or the elephant from the story. Make sure you include information about its appearance, habitat and diet. You could watch Andy's Safari Adventures (giraffe or Capuchin monkey) or Andy's Wild Adventures (elephant) to help you to find out more information about these animals.

On Friday, I would like you to think about some of the animals that live in Africa. The largest land mammal lives in Africa, the tallest mammal lives here too and so does the fastest mammal. Do you know what they are? Write a list of some of the animals that you know that live in Africa. Use books or the internet to help you find out more information.



In our Maths this week, our work focuses on ordering numbers and money. Don't forget to use BBC Bitesize, Numbots and Karate Kats too!


Some other activities that you might enjoy that link to this story are :

Weave a basket shape using paper and cutting some fruits out to stick into it.

Listen to The Animal Boogie song book.

Find Africa on a world map and find out a bit of information about it.

Listen to the African folk tale - 'The First Music' and see if you can use body percussion or objects from around the home to create your own music. Perform this to another member of your family.

Watch some of the Tinga Tales - you will find these on You Tube.

Remind yourself about the features of a mammal using BBC Bitesize. All of the animals in this story are mammals apart from one. Which one is it?

Watch the BBC Bitesize link - What animals need to survive.