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Friday 27th March 2020

Wow - week 1 nearly over! Thank you for all your messages and feedback please just drop me an email or use the messenger service on Class Dojo if you need any help or support. Hopefully you are finding away to organise home learning and working for all you family. Please remember I understand the challenges you are all facing especially if, like I am, still working from home as well as trying to support your child's/children's learning. Remember if something has occurred work wise or you just need a day off you can and pick up from the previous day's learning.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions today:

-If we miss a day then the 2Do is locked - As I mentioned above sometimes homelearning for whatever reason is delayed or missed.  I will now extend the time on submitting work to give you an opportuntiy to go back to uncompleted learning.

-What is Reading Theory? Reading Theory is a comprehension program which after the children's registration assessment sets them comprehension questions at a level that is right for them and to encourage progression.  I would recommend that pupils do not complete more than 2 sessions a day but regular use is important.  If you haven't been on yet or are unsure of your password please drop me an email.

-Purple Mash isn't showing work as complete - This is an on going issue as the Purple Mash server is still struggling to cope with the amount of users.  So far all work is appearing in my inbox and I would contact you if it wasn't so please don't worry. If you want to check I have received and item please just mail and I will be happy to confirm.

-Sometimes the tasks instructions are not clear - I have added a powerpoint with the timetable for tomorrow to support with the maths task instructions please let me know if this is useful and I will start doing this everyday!

-Class Dojo logins - I have reset these and you can find them under the class Dojo folder.


Here is a suggested outline for you day – but it is up to you and your family when and how you complete the tasks for the day – don’t forget to submit them!

9-9.30 PE with Joe Wicks (link is on the school Facebook or just google!)

9.30-9.40 Have a drink and set yourself up for your home learning.

9.40-10.10 Reading Theory – Please complete two sessions - Your completed sessions will show on my teacher view

10.10-10.30 Break time – Have a healthy snack and drink and if possible try and get some fresh air remember to keep to social distancing rules.

10.30-11.00 Complete the Maths 2Do’s on Purple Mash.Submit your work for marking at end of task

11-11.10 Do a job to help those at home

11.15-11.45 Look at the English 2Do task on Purple Mash - Submit your work for marking at end of task


Why not try out one of the class challenges this afternoon – I can’t wait to see what you get for z!