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Wednesday 01.07.20

Mrs Cleary's message

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English extension

If you finish the English task above, can you draw some detailed pictures to illustrate the story? There is a lot of information given.  I wonder how many of the details you can illustrate! Perhaps you could turn it into a comic strip? (This part is optional.)

Maths activity

For today's Maths lesson, I would like the children to do some practical weighing, if you have any scales.  Perhaps they could weigh out the ingredients to make a cake, or other recipe.  They could choose  6 objects from around the house and arrange them from lightest to heaviest, then weigh them to check their mass. They could do this with smaller items using kitchen scales, or heavier items using bathroom scales.  g and kg are quite alien to children unless they have some idea of what a gram or kilogram is.  Feeling the weight of various objects and then weighing them, gives them practical experience.

I've added some links to interactive weighing games which you might like to try.

You can also look at the BBC Bitesize website as they are doing the same maths as us this week.