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Week 2 (27.04.20)

Hi, Year 1 (children and parents!). I hope you are all well and have had a good weekend. Welcome back to the second week of the Summer term. I am ready for some more learning together. I hope you are too!

This week, as well as our usual learning, I would like you to see if you can join in with the Letters and Sounds phonics lessons each day. You will find out how to do this in the letter below.

Hopefully you all managed to log onto Oxford Owls last week and read the book, 'My Pet Tortoise.' There a few books on there that may help with your literacy work this week, so I would like you to log onto there again and read the following books throughout this week please :

A Dogs Day

A Pet Goldfish

Perfect Pets


Are you still joining in with Joe Wicks? Wake yourselves up with something physical this morning then let's get ready to learn!

For our Literacy this week we are going to be making a leaflet on how to look after a pet. You can see a photograph below of one that I was given from the pet shop when I bought my guinea pigs. It gives me lots of information about how to look after them properly and tells me all the things that they need.

You could create your leaflet by using two sheets of A4 paper and folding them in half. If you don't have any paper to hand - don't worry - you can just write it out into your book.

Today, all I want you to do, is think about which type of pet you would like to write an information leaflet for. You are going to make your front page today - so you will need to write your title ( in neat, clear writing) and draw a picture. Remember to look at the photograph of mine to help you. Yours might be titled, 'How to look after a .......' or 'Caring for a .......'

Once you have done that you could have a think about what you already know about looking after that pet. Talk to someone else in your family and tell them everything you know.

For your Maths this week, we are going to be using the White Rose Hub learning materials below. Today's lesson is all about doubling. There is a short video clip to watch and then some worksheets to have a go at. You don't have to print the worksheets out; appropriate bits of the work can be drawn into exercise books. As this is a new concept for lots of us, it may need some discussion with a grown up to ensure understanding!

Making doubles

Still image for this video

I have also allocated a pairs game for you to play on Purple Mash today. You will need to remember the rules for plurals for this i.e. that we add 's' or'es' onto the end of the word to make it into a plural. Good luck and have fun!


And finally...... If you have time, have a look at the BBC Bitesize website. Look for the Year 1 Science lesson dated 22nd April, 'Introduction to seasons, day and night.' Watch the short video clip and complete as many of the tasks as you can. See if you can you recite the days of the week and the months of the year.


I hope that you enjoyed the phonics lesson yesterday and are ready to join in again today. Most of you will have had your phonics books delivered now so maybe you could have a go at a page (or two!) of that as well.

For your Literacy work I would like you to start by playing the 'Using and' game on Purple Mash. You are then going to complete the next two pages of your Pet leaflet. Page 2 is going to be called, 'What do I eat?' First, write your title (can you think why I have used a question mark at the end?), then write some information about the foods that your chosen pet likes to eat. Don't forget to mention what food they eat a lot of and which foods they may have as a treat. See if your sentence can include, 'and' (like in the Purple Mash game), 'so' or 'because' in it to extend it and make it more informative/interesting. Don't forget to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces too.  This is an idea of the kind of thing I would like to see : Guinea pigs like to eat dried food and lots of grass. They can only have lettuce as a treat because it will make them poorly if they eat too much.

On page 3, I would like you to write a sentence to accompany the title, 'Where will I live and sleep?'

Don't forget to draw pictures to accompany your writing - you will see that my leaflet has pictures too!



For your Maths today, you will learning about 'Making equal groups.' There is a short video clip to watch and then some questions to complete as you did yesterday. 

Maths Tuesday

Still image for this video
And finally......if you get chance I would like you to do some music today. I would like you to listen to the music on BBC Bitesize, KS1, Music, Essential Clips, Jazz song - Slick City Spats. First time - just listen to the music without looking at the pictures. Can you guess what type of pet this song is about? Then, listen to the song again but this time watch the video. Were you right? Finally, listen one last time but this time see if you can make up some funky Jazz moves and grooves whilst listening! I hope you enjoy it and have fun!


Hi! I have loved seeing your pet leaflets so far. They are fantastic and they contain such a lot of great information. Well done everyone!

For your Literacy work today I would like to complete the next two pages of your leaflet. Page 4 will be, 'Things I like to do,' ( for example, 'I like to run and play. I love to chase a ball.') and Page 5 will be,'Keeping me fit and well.' On page 5 you will need to think about things you need to do to make sure that your pet stays healthy e.g. brush its fur, cut its nails and you may need to mention where you would take your pet to for a check up or if it gets poorly. (Think back to our work on Purple Mash last week for this!) I hope you enjoy completing these pages - you are working so hard on these.

See if you can watch and join in with today's Phonics lesson on-line and complete another page of your phonics book. If you haven't managed to read all of the recommended texts from Oxford Owls yet this week, then have a go at another one of these today please.


In your Maths today you will be continuing to learn about sharing things equally. Use the video clip and questions that are shown below.

Lesson 3 - Step 7 - Make equal groups (sharing).mp4

Still image for this video

And your last task for today we are going to do some DT.... See if you can find some pieces of card, scissors, glue and colouring pens to make yourself a pet themed slider. Do you remember when we made knight and castle sliders at school? See if you can make one using a pet theme this time. You may have a cat moving to catch a mouse, a dog going to his bed, a rabbit hopping to the carrot etc. Mine is shown below - hopefully this will remind you of the way to make one. Can you guess why my dog is looking sad?

I hope you have fun creating one of your own. Please send me a photograph of yours - I would love to see it!


Still image for this video


Good Morning! Thank you to all of you that showed me the sliders that you made yesterday. They were fantastic! We had dogs chasing balls, cats climbing trees, fish swimming in tanks.... and lots more! A big WELL DONE to you all!

Please complete some phonics learning today. So far in the Letters and Sounds lessons this week, we have learnt the sounds 'ay', 'a-e'(split digraph) and 'ea.' I know that some of you are enjoying the Letters and sounds videos; others less so. If you would like to find other resources to use for your phonics learning that is fine as long as you are practising your phonics daily. You could watch Mr Mc (you will find him on You Tube) or use BBC Bitesize. Also, don't forget to use the 'Phonics Play' link on the school website as there are some good phonics games on there that the children enjoy.

In our Literacy today we are going to finish our pet leaflets. On the back of the one that I had from the pet shop was a shopping list of all the things that I needed to buy in preparation for keeping guinea pigs as pets e.g. dried food, hutch, bowl, water bottle, hiding places (boxes or tunnels), sawdust, hay etc. I would like you to write a shopping list onto the final page of your leaflet showing the things that you would need to buy if you were getting the pet that you have written about. Use all the information that you have found out so far to help you with this and don't forget how we write a list!

For your Maths work today, your lesson is about, 'Finding a Half.' Watch the video and complete the work below.

Lesson 4 - Step 1 - Find a half (1).mp4

Still image for this video
And finally for today, I would like you to click on the 'Bringing PE to your front door' link on the Home learning page of the school website. Then select the 'Buckets and Bins' video clip. See if you can complete these challenges. If you don't have any balls that are suitable to use, you could always scrunch up some paper into balls instead. Have fun!


Good Morning! Happy Friday everyone!!

In yesterday's phonics lesson, we were introduced to the split digraph 'e-e.' Hopefully you are all familiar with this and are now ready to use it in your reading and writing. Don't forget to practise your phonics today. You could watch the Letters and Sounds lesson, Mr Mc or use BBC Bitesize etc. Use whichever works for you.

Following this, see if you can remember your common exception words and play the spelling game on Purple Mash in your ToDo folder.

For your Maths today, you will need to go onto BBC Bitesize. In today's daily Maths lesson on there, there are some quick questions to recap on this week's learning. See how you get on with these. After this, find the Year 1 Maths/ What is capacity? lesson and watch the video then see if you can answer the questions. Again, this is only a short activity.

For your Literacy work, I would like you to choose one of the reading comprehension activities below. Decide which animal you would like to read about and see if you can answer the questions correctly using the information that you have read.

And finally, I thought you could try some Art work this afternoon if you have time. You could either try drawing some animals of your own using a You Tube/ How to draw... clip to help you (a dog one is shown below - but you will also find them showing you how to draw a cat, rabbit and much more) or maybe you would like to make your own pet paper plate (see ideas below.) Whichever you choose - enjoy and have fun! 

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