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Tuesday 19th


Tuesday 19th May 2020

LO: To plan and compose a poem

Oh my! So many of you have the most amazing imaginations.  The descriptions you wrote of your boxes were so creative and all so different.

Pandora’s box was filled with many unpleasant things.  I want your boxes to be filled with things you love.  Take some time to think about this.  There might be members of your family you’d like in your box, or things you enjoy doing with your friends that you haven’t been able to do for a long time. 

Can you come up with a list of your 9 favourite things, people or places that you would put in the box.  I would definitely include big squeezy hugs with my family, a trip to the seaside with my friends, the sound of a baby sneezing, a cup of a coffee in a cafe etc.  There are lots of things that would feel magical right now!  When you have come up with your list, try to use an expanded noun phrase to describe it so that the person reading your poem can picture each thing really clearly in their mind’s eye.  For example if chocolate cake is one of your favourite things, don’t just write chocolate cake.  Write something like ‘The soft crumbling of a chocolate cake’.

Try to write three verses, each one beginning with ‘I will put in the box’.  Refer back to Kit Wright’s poem if you need to.

Some people will struggle to complete this task in one day so you have two days to complete it.  Maybe do your list and one verse on Tuesday and the last two verses on Wednesday.  If you can illustrate any of the things included in your poem, that would be even better. 

If you do finish your whole poem, to the best of your ability on Tuesday, I will put an extra activity on the website for you to complete on Wednesday.

Please don’t rush this task.  I will be looking for creative expanded noun phrases, the correct letter formation and accurate spelling, especially of common words. (You can type it if you’d prefer).

I’m excited to see what you come up with!


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