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Friday - Live lesson 9:30am


Today, we are going to writing our own setting description. You will need to include the features that we have looked at in lessons this week. For your setting, I want you to think back to the creature we looked at last week, the Chupacabra. Think about the sort of place it lived. You can go back to last week's home learning page and read the character description to help you imagine the place.

Write your setting description of the Chupacabra's home, either on the computer or in your book. This may be a couple of paragraphs. Make sure you have included lots of different language features, I should be able to picture this setting in my head when I read your work!

Maths - Live lesson 11am


Today, we are going to be using rounding skills to help us estimate with money. Remember the rules for rounding.

We will look at a mix of fluency questions and problem solving.

Worksheets and the power point from the lesson are uploaded below. In the lesson you will be told which worksheet you are expected to complete.


Please make sure you send me through your work.