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Thursday 26th March 2020

Today I was in your shoes for the first time - home schooling my two boys after two days in school.  All I can say is teaching 31 all day is much easiersmiley. I understand the challenges you are all facing especially if, like I am, still working from home as well.  It's best to try to get into a routine of doing tasks each day but remember if something has occurred work wise or you just need a day off you can and pick up from the previous day's learning.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions today:

-Work on Purple Mash is not showing as submitted or there isn't a submit button - I have learnt today that not all tasks have a submit button and some 2do task remain live for the whole day. If you child has completed and activity please don't worry at the moment all work, scores are coming through to me so don't worry.

-Do I have to do the work in the morning or as the timetable says? At the moment no children can do it whenever it fits into your home schedule as I know alot of you are also trying to juggle working from home.  I will give feedback when ever work is submitted. If you miss a day just carry on from the last time your child used the online resources.

-The multiplication task on Purple Mash is too fast - I have had a go tonight and I appreciate the timer element when it moves on can be very off putting. I would recommend using Maths Frame instead. This version allows you to alter the time and the focus (the children have used this in school with me). Don't worry about submitting scores to me but try and keep track in the back of the maths book.

-Sometimes the tasks instructions are not clear - I have added a powerpoint with the timetable for tomorrow to support with the maths task instructions please let me know if this is useful and I will start doing this everyday!

-Class Dojo logins - I have reset these and you can find them under the class Dojo folder.


Here is a suggested outline for you day – but it is up to you and your family when and how you complete the tasks for the day – don’t forget to submit them!

9-9.30 PE with Joe Wicks (link is on the school Facebook or just google!)

9.30-9.40 Have a drink and set yourself up for your home learning.

9.40-10.10 Reading Theory – Please complete two sessions - Your completed sessions will show on my teacher view

10.10-10.30 Break time – Have a healthy snack and drink and if possible try and get some fresh air remember to keep to social distancing rules.

10.30-11.00 Complete the Maths 2Do’s on Purple Mash  If you have forgotten the method their is a powerpoint at the bottom of this page to help. Don't forget what happens when you mulitply by 10 on 2 digits by 2 digits.- Submit your work for marking at end of task

11-11.10 Do a job to help those at home

11.15-11.45 Look at the English 2Do task on Purple Mash - Submit your work for marking at end of task


Why not try out one of the class challenges this afternoon – I can’t wait to see what you get for z!