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Week 4 (11.05.20)

Hello! I hope that you have all had a lovely long weekend and are bright and ready for more learning. This week we are continuing to learn through our new curriculum vehicle, 'All Creatures Great and Small.' The creatures that we are exploring this week are small. Very small. They are not cute and cuddly. We do not usually keep them as pets. Have you guessed it yet? This week we are going to be thinking about Minibeasts.


There are some texts on Oxford Owl linking to minibeasts that I would like you to read throughout this week.

Big Bad Bug. This text is simple - but fun!

Minibeast poems - you may need help with some of these poems. Read them together with an adult. Can you spot the rhyming words?

Bug Buzz - a lovely information book for you to try with some support.

Attack of the Centipede - an adventure book - for those of you wanting to challenge your independent reading.


I will also be giving you links to some fun minibeast stories to listen to and enjoy throughout the week. You may even have some books of your own to look at and enjoy!


I hope that you enjoy our daily activities for this week. Use the following links to see the learning for each day this week.