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Suggested Afternoon Activities

Suggested activities


  • Joe Wicks PE. Remember, you can do the PE sessions at any time during the day!
  • Science - This week, we are starting to look at electricity. I would like you to use the sheet uploaded below, to show me what you already know about electricity. Think about how it works, what we use it for, where it comes from and how we can use it safely.
  • Music - Use the link to try the Oak Academy lesson on singing in a major scale! You can always upload a video to dojo if you want to share!
  • RE- This week, I would like you to think about the word 'community'. What do you understand by this word? Community is a really important part of society and the church. Why might this be? Tell me what you understand by the word community, why it is important, how you can play a part and then could you include an image that shows community?
  • DT - Use the power point below to help you think of the different shapes of packaging. Once you have looked through this, can you find different packaged items in your home and identify what 3d shape they are?
  • Geography - This week, have a think about the history of Russia, research and see what you can find out. Then, have a go at ordering the key events in Russian history onto a time line. Key events may be things such as the cold war! There is a timeline template below to help you.

Frank has had a go at making his own circuit!

Still image for this video