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English - Live lesson 9:30am


Today, we are going to be looking at our video clip -

We are going to then use the features that we looked at yesterday to help us write a newspaper report about the clip. Remember, our writing should answer the 5 ws!


Our example:


This morning, a herd of giraffes started their training at Stafford

leisure centre, in preparation for the diving competition in the new

animal olympics. The olympics will be taking place in Athens this

summer. The animals, which are usually found in Dudley Zoo, have

been specially selected by the UK for the team.


These 5 giraffes were selected by diving experts for their flexibility and courage, key attributes of a successful diver. The team, aim to win gold and beat current favourites, the crocodiles from

Peru. They train 6 hours a day and are on a strict diet of leaves,

vegetables and twigs.


GB coach, Tom Daly, who was at the leisure centre when we went to watch the team train told us "I'm sure the Crocs will put up a fight, but we are heads above all others in the competition."

Maths - Live lesson 11am

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Today we will be looking at comparison, sum and difference using charts and tables.