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Week 11 (22.6.20)

This week we are starting on a new Traditional Tale- The 3 Little Pigs.

We will be watching and reading the story, sequencing it and identifying the main characters.

We are going to be making the houses from lego and other various construction materials, have a go with some different things you have at home.  Use the planning sheet and materials list before you start.

Now we have consolidated ordering numbers we are going to move onto sequencing numbers in 2s. We will use the Jack Hartman video (see link) to help us to count in 2s and complete the sheets.  I've also added a ordering sheet if you want to continue working on ordering.

Mr Mc has added some more videos so I have added them onto the phonics sessions.  Don't forget to continue working on any unknown sounds or following the DFES videos if you are confident with all the phase 3 sounds.

I hope you are all ok, you are doing a fantastic job with your work. Thank you for sending it to us and mkaing us smile.  We miss you lots!

Silly Symphony Three Little Pigs

This is my favourite version of The 3 Little Pigs. I used to watch it as a little girl so will be sharing it with our class this week as well as reading other versions.