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Week 2 (30.03.20)

Afternoon activities

  • Can you help make tea for your family one night this week? (DT)
  • Use the link to listen to one of the David Walliams audio stories, then write a review for it.
  • Draw a picture of your own Viking soldier. Can you come up with a character description about them? You could give them a name, think about where they came from, what jobs they do and whether they have a family! (History)
  • Could you create your own settlement? You could build it out of lego, do some junk modelling, paint a picture of one, create one on the computer, it is up to you! Think about all of the facilities we said were key when finding somewhere to settle, for example, farms, water sources, hospitals etc.
  • Use 2Animate on purple mash to create your own animation. Pick the story yourself! - children have used this in ICT lessons so all know how it works. I have put this in their 2dos to help you find it easily. (Computing)

If you are after some extra maths work to complete along side purple mash, please use the document below. Your child could choose a challenge a day and complete them in their maths book. Answers are on the bottom of the document, but please feel free to send me the work via class dojo or email for marking.

Something fun you might enjoy! Ben Hanlin, magician from ITV's show Tricked!

Grammar task to be completed this week



  • English - You will find the work in your purplemash 2dos. Use this template and success criteria to create an interesting recipe that you think may tame Krindlekrax. We know he likes toast, but can we add some more things to this recipe that would make it a bit more interesting? Try and use fronted adverbials, imperative verbs and adverbs to make your writing interesting. Examples below if you have forgotten!

Fronted adverbials: These tell us when, how or where something is happening. For example in your recipe you may use time fronted adverbials to tell us when to do something. EG. Next, Then, Now, Afterwards. Remember, they start a sentence, need a capital and are followed by a comma.

Imperative verbs give us an instruction. They are bossy! EG. stir, mix, add, bake.

Adverbs will help us describe the imperative verb. EG. carefully, slowly, generously.

My example step 1: First, cautiously place a piece of soft, white bread into the toaster to be toasted.


  • Maths - You will find the work in your 2dos on purplemash. Recognise equivalents to ¼, ½, ¾. Have a go at matching the equivalent fractions. Remember, if the numerator is half of the denominator, it will equal a half! We did some great work on equivalent fractions in maths by using times and divide. Remember, whatever you times or divide the top numerator by, you do to the denominator too. Have a go at doing these using that method in your book if it is easier, you can always send me a picture of your working out instead of submitting it on purplemash, use whatever way you feel is easier for you!


Children's maths work may be slightly different to what is above, based on what I feel is appropriate for them to be working on.


If you are struggling with the recipe for Monday's English, take a look at Tessa's!




  • English - You will find this task in your 2dos on purplemash. Something a little different today! You will be reading a story about the detective Sherlock Holmes. When you open the 2do, it will give you options of stories, please select Sherlock Holmes and the Red-headed League on the left. During the story, in your English book you will need to note down:

- anything odd that happens

-interesting or unusual details

-any suspicions you have

-any theories you have to explain what is happening

-any questions you have

When you get to the detective activity, it will ask you some questions, answer these in your English book.

Extension - If you would like a bit more of a challenge, write a summary of what happened and whether you would recommend it to a friend or not!


This work can be either typed up and sent to me via email, you could take a photo of it in your book and put it on class dojo or you can email it to me, the choice is yours!


Maths - You will find this in your purple mash 2dos. Today, you are adding and subtracting fractions. When putting your answer in the box, only put either the numerator or the denominator, depending on what you are trying to find. You do not need to put the whole fraction, this will mark it as wrong. Remember, when adding and subtracting fractions you only add the numerators together. If the denominators are different, you need to use your equivalent fraction knowledge to make them the same!


You child may have a different maths activity to what is listed above, I will set the activity based on what I feel will be of benefit to them.



  • 9-9.30 PE with Joe Wicks :
  • English - You will find this in your purplemash 2dos. Write about the events of the day with this blank diary template. Make sure you use both sides of the page. I would like you to write a diary entry about one of the days you have had at home so far. You may have done some crafts, been for a walk with your family, done some activities at home, such as cooking, it is up to you! Try and use as many language features as possible to make it exciting. This is just like doing writing in school, I should see a few paragraphs, not a few sentences. Remember, Dear diary, not Dear dairy!!


  • Maths - You will find this in your purple mash 2dos. Selecting which mixed number inequality (Greater/Less Than) statement is correct. Remember, when you picture 1/4 it is bigger than 1/8, so don't just choose the bigger denominator and think that it is the bigger fraction, it doesn't work like that! Draw these in your maths book, it will make it alot easier. Don't stress about the timer on purple mash, a picture of your maths book is fine!

Your child may have slightly different maths work, depending on what I feel is beneficial to them.



  • 9-9.30 PE with Joe Wicks :
  • English - You will find this in your purple mash 2dos. Practice creating web pages with this activity. Use this template to create your own version of the school website! Think about persuasive language you can use to make people want to send their child to our school. Remember, when trying to persuade someone you only use positive language. Things you could mention could be Hippos, our field and playground, ICT facilities, after school clubs, mini vinnies etc. Remember, it shouldn't be only a few sentences!


  • Maths - You will find this in your purple mash 2dos. Read, write, order and compare numbers with up to three decimal places. Put the decimals in the correct order from smallest to biggest. Remember to look at all the decimal places in the number. Task 2 is a sheet which you fill find attached below. Please note that the answers are attached at the bottom of the document. In the document are 2 work sheets, I do not expect both to be completed. You can send pictures to me via email or dojo. If you do not have a printer then the work can be done in the maths book.


Friday - INSET day. No set work, however I will put some activities on purple mash for children to have a go at.


Sam used Oxford Owl to do some reading, he found a book that he really enjoyed and liked the message within it, so decided to write a review!

Charlie H decided to read Tandy Tantrums by David Walliams this week and review it!

Charlie H's Viking soldier!

Charlotte has done some great writing and fraction work today!

Rose reviewed her favourite book today!

Brandan's work from the Sherlock Holmes task set on Tuesday.

Charlotte created her own version of her favourite story 'The Secret Garden'.

Mackenzie helped his family make tea on Tuesday evening!

Sam has been making waffles from scratch, yum!