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Week 7 (08.06.20)

Please join in with the daily Phonics lessons using the link below. The Year 1 lessons are live at 10.30 but you can catch them any time after that!
For your Literacy work this week I would like you to use the daily lessons that are available on Oak National Academy website (use the link below to get there!) This week we are following the lessons based around the story of 'Terrifying T-Rex.' Scroll down on the website to find the lessons. There are 5 lessons for you to complete one each day.

In Maths this week, we are beginning some work using simple multiplication facts.

Use the video links and the worksheets below for you daily lessons. Don't forget to supplement this work with BBC Bitesize videos and questions, BBC Bitesize Karate Kats games and your Numbot account.

In our Science work this week we are finding out about reptiles. Reptiles are cold blooded animals that breathe air, have scaly skin and most of them lay eggs. If an animal is cold blooded it means that it cannot produce heat in its own body - so instead it has to rely on its surroundings to keep it warm. Dinosaurs were a type of reptile. What other reptiles can you think of? Watch the video links, listen to the stories and have a go at some of the activities below if you get chance.