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Summer Term Week 2 (27.04.20)

This week's class dojo code is : BPV DDP


9-9.30 - PE with Joe Wicks


English -

On Friday, you wrote some dialogue between the Little Shoe Maker and the rival shoe maker shoe maker that arrived outside his shop. Today, we are going to use dialogue again, but this time I would like you to write some between the shoemaker and his shoes! First, set the scene. Remember, if we go straight into speech then our reader will not know what is happening in the story! You may begin by describing what sort of day wit was in the shop, maybe something then happens, which starts off your speech. Please be careful when using your inverted commas, remember that all punctuation should be inside them and that a new speaker needs a new line! Today, said is banned!! This work can be emailed, added to class dojo or done on the template I will set on purple mash. I looked forward to reading your writing. :)


Maths -

Today the children will be rounding decimals. Remember, 5 and above rounds up, 4 and below rounds down!

Please still check purple mash as your child may have slightly different work based on what I feel suits their needs.



9-9.30 - PE with Joe Wicks


English - Today, I would like you to imagine that you are the Little Shoe Maker.

I would like you to come up with a way to get rid of the new rival shoe maker, who has appeared outside your shop. If you are the shoe maker, your writing should be in first person, remember this is using pronouns such as 'I' and 'my'. Please remember I should be a capital letter, even if you are typing this up!

You could write this as a diary entry if you are struggling with how to structure it!

I look forward to reading your cunning plans to get rid of your rival!


Maths -

Today we are going to be looking at halves and quarters. Watch the video and then have a go at completing the work sheet I have attached below. I have also attached the answers for parents. You can either upload a picture on class dojo or email me your work.

Remember a half is when we divide by 2!

Please still check purple mash as your child may have work on there too.



9-9.30 - PE with Joe Wicks


English - Today, I would like you to be persuasive. Remember, being persuasive means that you try to get someone to do something. Today, you are going to persuade people to buy the shoes of the Little Shoemaker and not his rival! You could do this by creating a poster, you could create a leaflet or an advertisement for the Little Shoemaker, it is up to you. You must include persuasive language and by the end of it, I must want to buy the shoes.

If you do a poster, please remember the writing is the most important, I don't want just a few sentences with lots of pictures, the writing is the most important part when we are doing English work.

I will set a blank template on purple mash if you wish to send me your work that way.


Maths -

Today, the children will be looking at pounds and pence.

I have uploaded the work sheet and the answers below. Please remember, the work sheet does not need to be printed off, children can answer the questions in their maths book and a photo of this can be sent to me via email or dojo.



9-9.30 - PE with Joe Wicks


English - Today, I would like you to write me some instructions on how to make magic shoes, like the Little Shoemaker does. To do this, you will need to start with time fronted adverbials, such as First, Next, Then.

When we did a recipe for a Holy Lent in RE, you all wrote me some wonderful recipes, that is what I am looking for today. Remember to use adverbs and imperative verbs, I have put examples below.

You may look at a recipe you have at home to think about the lay out.

You will need a title, a 'You will need' section, and then you can do your method below.

I will put a blank template onto purple mash for you.


Maths -

Today, children will be furthering yesterday's learning by ordering money. Remember, you need to look at both the pounds and pence when doing this. You may use some of your pocket money at home to help you, just like we would use fake money if we were in school! I have uploaded the questions and answers below.




9-9.30 - PE with Joe Wicks


English - Today, you are going to be writing a diary entry. I would like you to imagine that you are a pair of shoes and describe what you have seen going on in the shop that week. You may have seen the shoemaker making a brand new pair of shoes, maybe seen some customers coming in or maybe even noticed the rival outside the shop! It is up to you. Remember, when it is a diary entry, you should be writing in first person (I, my, we).

I will put a template onto purple mash if you wish to use that. You can type it and email it to me, or write in your English book and send me a picture via email or dojo. I look forward to reading your writing!


Maths - Problem solving.

Today, I would like you to apply what you have learned about halves and quarters this week to some problem solving questions. Please remember that when answer these questions, you may have to give a sentence for your answer to explain!

I have uploaded the worksheet, power point and answers below for you. You can email me a picture of your work or upload it onto class dojo for me to look at.