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Week 11 (06.07.20)

Remember to complete your daily phonics lessons. Use the link to the Letters and Sounds daily lessons below. The Year 1 lessons are live at 10 o'clock each day.
In our Literacy this week we are going to be creating our own animal. Use all the knowledge you already know about animals to help you with this. Follow the daily lessons on the Oak National Academy website for this.
In our Maths this week we are learning about fractions. Use the video links and the worksheets below to complete your daily maths work.

In Science this week we are reminding ourselves of what an animal needs to survive (BBC Bitesize video clip - Year 1, Science). We are then going to build shelters for animals in the school grounds. Maybe you could build a shelter in your garden or at the local park.

In our Geography we are learning about Africa and the different regions that are there. See if you can complete the worksheet below. You may also like to watch some of the Go Jetters links below to find out more.

In History we are going to find out some facts about Joy Adamson. She moved to Kenya and set up a reserve there to look after African wildlife. See if you can find out a little bit more about her too. 

If you would like to complete some Art work too, you could look at some traditional African patterns and see if you can design a pattern of your own. You could look through the powerpoint below to help.

And finally!!!. If you get chance - see if you can buy any of the fruits from our Handas Surprise story last week. See if you can find out where they were grown and find the country on the world map. Now taste them and see if you like them.