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Suggested afternoon activities

Suggested activities


  • Music - You will be singing this week!
  • Geography - Create a travel agent advert for Russia. This week, have a think about a specific part of Russia you would like to advertise, it could be rural or urban. Then, come up with a travel agent advert to try and persuade people to go and visit there! Remember, when you are trying to persuade people you only mention positive things. Be sure to include pictures so people can see what it is like!
  • Art - Use the Oak Academy link to watch the lesson about using different types of texture to make your drawings more interesting. Could you then apply this to a tea pot or mug design like we have been looking at with Emma Bridgewater?
  • RE - Monday is the feast day of St Peter and St Paul. Research both Saints, and create a poster / leaflet / powerpoint about them to show what their life was like and why they became Saints.
  • History - This week, I would like you to research Air Raid / Anderson Shelters. Write about what they were and what they were like inside and then draw a picture of your own! Tell me what you would take down to the shelter with you if you had to go down there during the night in an air raid.
  • Please log into both read theory and TT rockstars a few times this week and have a go at the questions.