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Wednesday (20.5.20):                     LIVE LESSON- MATHS (10-11am)


9-9.30am: PE with Joe Wicks (YouTube- The Body Coach) OR you might fancy trying some Yoga (search- Cosmic Yoga on YouTube)


English- Sound Hunt (expanded noun phrases)

I would like you to work through my flipchart pdf today (there are some activities for you to do!)

The main activity- which I know you will enjoy- is going on a sound hunt around your house!

Please remember to record your ideas on the sheet / or in a table in your English book (you will need this tomorrow!)

Make sure you record the sounds (verbs) and expanded noun phrases!

E.g. screaming of the tiny, newborn baby


1. Times Tables Rock Stars

I would like you to have a go at this at least 3 times a week!

The more you practice, the more coins you earn and the better you will get at your tables laugh


2. Lesson- Subtraction  (crossing 10s and 100s)

This is our live lesson today!

We always find subtraction a bit tricky when we have to start borrowing and exchanging! This lesson will give you some extra practice!