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Week 1 (23.3.20)




Don't forget your Joe Wicks workout in the morning.

Maths : Have a go at completing the fish-o-matic counting (Level 1) on your Purple Mash account today. You will find this in your ToDo tab. Remember not to rush and do careful counting! Challenge yourself with the addition and subtraction fish-o-matic (Level2).

Literacy : Read through the list of common exception words in your home pack. How many of them can you already read? Try to write the words in the first column. Do this in your writing book. Use your list if you need to and make sure that you spell them correctly.

Other activities : Throughout this week, collect and save any old boxes, yoghurt pots or containers ready for next week.

Have a go at drawing some of the characters that you might find in a castle themed story. You could take photos of these and e-mail them to me as I would love to see them.

A big well done to those of you that have completed the Fish-o-Matic game. I am aware that you are unable to save it but - don't worry - I can see that you have played it. Great work!



Don't forget your Joe Wicks workout this morning from 9 - 9.30.


Log onto Purple Mash today for your literacy work. You need to read Chapter 1 of the 'Little Red' story and then answer the questions about the story. Some of the questions are memory questions to see how much of the story you can remember and some are cloze questions where you have to fill in the missing words. You all know this story really well already so I hope you enjoy this!


Practise counting in 2's (to 20), 5's (to 50) and 10's (to 100) today. Then see if you can complete the Spring counting in 2's dot-to-dot in your home learning pack.

Other Activities

Can you complete the Little Red jigsaw puzzle on Purple Mash? Do you have a jigsaw puzzle at home that you could try to complete?




I would like you to practise your phonics today. Log onto your Purple Mash account and see if you can complete the Phonics Cloze game in your ToDo folder practising your 'ay' and 'ou' sounds. Then see if you can complete the 'Write the word' pages in your Phase 5 Phonics activity Booklet from your home learning pack focussing on the 'wh' and 'ph' sounds. You could challenge yourself to write sentences using some of these words into your writing book.  Don't forget your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!


See if you can complete the 'I Spy and Count to 20' sheet from your take home pack today. You could ask your parents to write some of the number words out for you . Can you read them all? Can you write them too?

Other Activities

As we have had such beautiful days recently I have set you some work thinking about Spring time. You will find a Spring themed activity on your Purple Mash account. Watch the video and see how many of the seasonal changes you can remember. Record your ideas on the page using pictures and labels (or sentences if you wish). You could even draw your own Spring picture in your book.


Don't forget your Joe Wicks workout. 


Today I would like you to read Chapter 2 of the 'Little Red' story and then complete the Joining words activity and the Paint project activity on Purple Mash.


For your Maths work today I would like you to explore and compare objects of differing weights. You could find objects from in your kitchen/round your house and use the correct words to describe them e.g. heavy/light, heavier than/lighter than. You could then try to sequence the objects according to their weight.

Other Activities

You could have a go at playing the collect the flowers game on Purple Mash. It is fun!

If you have enough things in your cupboards, you may like to use your weight knowledge and weigh out some ingredients to make a cake like the one that the wolf has in your Paint project activity.  If you bake one - please send me a photograph!