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Summer Term Week 12 (13.7.20)

Summer Term- Week 12 (13.7.20):

WOW Year 3... I can't believe we have reached the FINAL week of the year!

I have absolutely loved teaching you all this year & I have been particularly proud of your maturity and the excellent work you have produced during lockdown 'live lessons'. yes

I am really sad that I won't get to see you all properly & that we won't be able to be together again in Y3 BUT I can't wait to see how grown up you will all look when we all return in September (remember I'll only be next door!) smiley

We are going to be doing a mixture of lessons and fun activities to celebrate the end of the year so I hope you enjoy them all!

Well done this year, you are all SUPER STARS! laugh


We will be doing TWO LIVE LESSONS each day. 

ENGLISH- 9:30-10:30am

BREAK- 10:30-10:50am

MATHS- 11-12

I will post the link to join the lesson on 'google classroom' 10 minutes before it starts.

Please remember to turn off your microphone and camera before you join the meeting! 


If you miss the live lesson, please still try and complete the work for that day.


Fun Afternoon Activities (optional):


This week Miss Molloy and myself have come up with a Virtual Sports Day for you all to take part in.

See how many activities you can complete during the week, record your scores and don't forget to sent me lots of pictures / videos of you having fun! smiley


The Oak Academy lesson this week is all about creating a piece of artwork using circles in your house. I think you will find this lesson quite fun!


I have also added some mindfulness colouring as I know lots of you enjoy doing these to relax! laugh


If we were at school, we would've had a treat afternoon / party to celebrate the end of Year 3!

I wonder if you could have a go at making yourself and your family some treats this week? (this could be anything from biscuits, cakes, cookies, fruit pots, a sandwich...whatever you fancy!)

Don't forget to send me a picture!

Memories of Y3:

Have a think about ALL the fantastic things you have done / achieved in Y3 (lessons, vehicles, trips, shows, performances etc...)

Make a PowerPoint or poster about your favourite memories!

You might also like to fill in the memory sheet or complete the mini-booklet I am posting below!


Recap your colour names by completing the colour by number summer pictures activity! laugh