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Suggested afternoon activities

Suggested activities


  • Joe Wicks PE. Remember, you can do the PE sessions at any time during the day!
  • Science - This week I would like you to think about what an appliance is, can you come up with a definition? Appliances can be powered in different ways, these are through either mains or battery power. For example, your phone is an appliance that is powered by a battery so that it can move around with you, where as a fridge is an appliance which we power through the mains. Mains power means that it needs to be plugged into a socket to work. Have a think about the different appliances you have in your house and how they are powered. There is a sheet uploaded below for you to fill in for this activity. I have uploaded a power point to help too.
  • Spanish - Use the link to the Oak Academy website to have a go at a Spanish lesson all about telling people where you live!
  • RE - On a sheet, create a bubble with the Holy Spirit in, around the outside write all of the words, phrases and pictures that you think describe the Holy Spirit. Remember, at Pentecost the Holy Spirit appeared to the Disciples in the form of a flame on their head, which did not hurt them. Think about the gift it gave them and the impact this gift had on their lives and the Church.
  • History - This week, have a think about what is meant by a Veteran. Can you explain why they are still important to us in today's society? Write a letter to a Veteran, thinking about things you would like to ask them and things you may like to thank them for.
  • Geography - This week, have a think about conflict in Russia using the power point below. You will need to do some research into the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia to enable to you complete the task of a newspaper report, detailed in the power point.
  • DT - Using the power point below, can you create your own cereal box packaging? Think about the net you will need to create in order to make it 3d! Remember, you can remind yourself of what a net is through google images.