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Summer term Week 1 (20.04.20)

Hello! Welcome to Week 1 of the Summer term. It is such a shame that we didn't get to complete our 'Once Upon a Castle' topic together,  but we have lots of exciting new learning ahead of us. Our topic for this term is, 'All Creatures Great and Small' and as you can probably guess from the title, we are going to be doing lots of activities linking to animals. 

So - let's begin our learning........


Hopefully you are fully rested and ready for your Joe Wicks workout this morning. I'll be joining him at 9 o'clock. Hopefully you will be too.

To warm up your brain today, you will find a phonics game on Purple Mash. You will be practising the 'wh' and 'ph' sounds that we have learnt.

In our Literacy work, I would like you to start to think about animals. You will find an activity on Purple Mash where you need to choose one of the pets and write some sentences about it. Use the word bank to help you with this. You can choose whether you want to write your sentences on the computer or in your exercise book. Don't forget to use a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces.

See if you can log onto Oxford Owls this week too.  Our class user name is austin123 and our password is Austin123.  See if you can read the book, 'A Pet Tortoise' from here.

For your Maths work today, I would like you to have a go at completing the Bond Bubbles game on Purple Mash. This will remind you of the number bonds that we have practised. You might even like to find a number bonds song to watch on 'You Tube' first.

If you have time, have a go at drawing your own animal on Purple Mash. What kind of animal will you draw? You could even make up one of your own!



We had some super work yesterday so a big well done to you all. Let's see if today can be even better! After warming up your body with Joe Wicks, I would like you to start to warm up your brain with the spelling game on Purple Mash. See which of the common exception words you can spell correctly. 

For your Literacy work today, work with an adult to read the first chapter of our new story, 'Zara and the Lost Cat.' Then see if you can complete pages 2 and 3 of the attached PDF document.

In Maths today I would like you to remind yourself of the work we did in class on telling the time. There is an activity on Purple Mash for you to complete using o'clock times.

Finally, if you have chance, watch the vets video clips on Purple Mash and see if you can create your own pets and vets scene.



Good Morning! I hope you are all feeling good today. After waking yourselves up I would like you to log onto Purple Mash and complete the Phonics cloze game. You will be using some new sounds today so may need a little help. You will be practising the sounds 'ew' (like 'oo')  as in new and flew; and 'aw' (like 'or') as in claw and draw. You may be able to write some words using these sounds into your exercise books. 

For your Literacy work today I would like you to read Chapter 2 of our story. Do you think they will find the lost cat? There is also a pairs game for you to play linking to this story on Purple Mash. After this, I would like you to write a list of as many different types of pets as you can think of in your exercise books. Remember a list doesn't need capital letters or full stops and we use a different line for each idea. Use your phonics to help you to spell the different words. Maybe you can remember some of the ones that you used in your vets scene yesterday. Let me know how many you can think of. I wonder who will get the most?

In Maths, you are carrying on with some work about time. Today we are thinking about o'clock times as well as half past. Today's game is quite tricky - just do your best!

And finally for today..... as we have been thinking about pets this week I would like you to take a photograph of your pet (or pets) if you have one and e-mail it/them to me. I will put these photographs onto the website so that you can all see them and then we will be using these pictures to help us with our Literacy activities on Thursday and Friday. Thank you!




Hello! We had some great lists of animals yesterday so well done to all of you. The longest list had 19 different types of pets on it. WOW! A big well done to Talitha.

I have a few literacy activities for you to have a go at today. You could start off by playing the sentence game on Purple Mash where you will be using your knowledge of punctuation (capital letters, full stops and exclamation marks). See if you can choose the correct sentences - like you did for your work on Tuesday.

I would then like you to look at our class pet photographs (see below) and see if you can write some sentences giving clues about one of the pets that you can see. It is a kind of riddle. I have written one below to give you an idea of what I mean :

I am black and white.

I live in a hutch.

I like to eat grass and lettuce.

Who am I?


Can you guess which of the pets I have written about?


You may want to practise saying some first, before you have a go at writing them down. Take care to use the correct punctuation for your sentences. After you have written your riddle, read it to your parent/brother/sister and see if they can guess which pet you have written about.


I would also like you to read Chapter 3 of 'Zara and the lost cat' today and if you would like to, there is a picture of the lost cat to colour on Purple Mash.


Finally, on Purple Mash there is a maths game for you to play where you will be practising your addition and subtraction. You could count on or back in your head to help you work out the answers, draw pictures into your books or use bricks etc to help you. Remember to look carefully at the sign to check if you need to add or take-away!


Happy Friday! I hope you got on OK with your riddles yesterday. I read some of them and the clues were great! I could guess straight away which pet you were writing about!

Warm up your brains today by reading through your common exception words. Does anyone know them all yet? If not - keep practising!

For your Literacy today I would like you to think about our story from this week. Think about what has happened so far and then try to predict what you think will happen next in the story. Do you think the cat will get rescued from the tree? How will it be rescued? Write some sentences into your book saying how you think the story will end. Take care to use the correct punctuation and remember your finger spaces! Once you have done this, go onto Purple Mash and read the last two chapters of the story. Did the ending surprise you or was it what you expected?

In your Maths today I would like you to recap your knowledge on 3D shapes. Go to the BBC Bitesize link on the school website then Primary /KS1 / Maths / Shape and movement / What are 3D shapes? Watch the short video clip and then see if you can complete the quiz and activities. 

Finally - a little reminder of some of the learning that we did at school together. Can you remember the names of the different countries within the United Kingdom? Watch the BBC Bitesize video clip dated 21st April - Geography - Introduction to the UK (again - you can use the link from the school website to access this).  See if you can find out the names of the capital cities of these countries. If you have an atlas at home you could see if you can find them in there too. Good luck - I hope you find them all!