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Friday (22.05.20)

Hello Year 1. Happy Friday!

I was in school again yesterday and have done a bit more sorting out in the classroom. Our classroom looks a little different now so I have taken some photographs of it to show you. As soon as I get chance I will put them on the website for you to see - so keep checking!


I hope you got on OK with all your work yesterday. In phonics we learnt the digraph 'au'. See if you can read these words, they all have this new sound in them :









Do you know what they all mean?

Why do two of them have a capital letter at the start?


Make sure you watch today's Letters and Sounds phonics lesson.


For Literacy today, we are continuing to think about, 'Mammals'. You were learning about mammals yesterday whilst watching the BBC Bitesize video clip. How much can you remember? Challenge yourself to see if you can remember 3 facts about mammals. Then read the passage attached below and see if you remembered them correctly. Finally, see if you can complete the mammal themed wordsearch. You need to find the words that are written in red. They are all written in the wordsearch either going from left to right or top to bottom. Good luck!



In Maths today I would like you to use your learning time to have another go on your Numbots account or to play on the BBC Bitesize Karate Kats games. You might like to have a go at the 'Measurement' games this week as this is what we have been learning about. You might even get chance to do both!!


And for your final task of the week, I would like you to do a little bit of History. You will be learning about a great explorer from a very long time ago. Read through the powerpoint below with an adult and see if you can talk about the answers to the questions as you go.