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Suggested afternoon activities

Suggested activities


  • Joe Wicks PE. Remember, you can do the PE sessions at any time during the day!
  • Geography - This week, I would like you to research the natural resources of Russia. Remember these are things that occur naturally and are not man-made. You can choose how to display your findings, it could be a poster, leaflet, power point or word document.
  • History - For this week's history, research what entertainment for both adults and children was like during the war. Can you compare their entertainment to ours now? I have uploaded a comparison table below for you to use to help you do this.
  • Art - Use the teapot outline to create your own Emma Bridgewater style teapot. Think about repeating the pattern and making it colourful.
  • Science - This week, we are thinking about complete and incomplete circuits. For a circuit to be complete, everything must be connected, like a loop so that the electricity can flow through continuously. Have a look at the power point uploaded below. There is a worksheet for you to complete. On the document, there are different worksheets, you can choose which one you wish to complete.
  • Use the link to have a go at the music lesson! This time, you will be looking at clapping to a pulse in 3 and 4 time.